Horse Fly

Hello! Welcome to Horse Fly, the original photography I started many years ago with a new name. I am glad to see you here checking out my website for photography services. I am Billie Lukinbill, a farm raised good ol' country girl, a horse lover, and photographer. I believe that if you have a pet in your family then that pet should be in your family photo. Large or small, one, two or three, just knock the dust off of them and line them up here we go.

The spirit of horse is like no other in my mind. Their beautify and grace is unmatched and even magical. I aspire to capture the beauty in horse as it is meant to be. I have years of experience working with horses as well as other farm animals. Growing up on a farm my father taught to be quick yet smooth while working quietly and calmly around the livestock. During our session I will work with you to capture the best features of you and partner in this manner.

If photographing a horse or other show stock they should be groomed in the same manner as show day for their session.  An additional handler may need to be present if you are also being photographed with your animal.

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All Horse Fly photography is customizable to fit your documentation needs; however, I do have some standard package pricing below. To start contact me via email or phone to set a date for a free consultation to meet and discuss your specific needs for photography. At your consultation we will sat a date for the session and you will pay a deposit to save the date. Session fee is due in full prior to or the day of your session.

* Equine Portraits session with or without companion $350

* Events are priced $50 per hour with minimum of 3 hours.

* Rodeos, horse shows, county fairs, & trail rides are all considered events; however, if I am trail riding with your group as part of the photography service there are additional charges.

* Farm and Ranch documentation with custom artwork and coffee table book starts $800 Depending on days and work perform such as; sheep herding, cattle drive, branding ect.

* Cattle sale prep image collection $25-50 per head depending on number of head

* Performance work equine or canine too.

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