Fuzzy and Cuddly

I know your pet is part of the family too, so lets put them in the picture!  Whether they big or small, common or the unusual you love your pet.  They deserve to be in the spot light and have their place on the wall too.

Pricing for pet photography is priced at $300

100% of this fee goes toward your art piece

There are many types of products to choose from


Helpful tips to prepare

1)  Choose to have photos taken in studio or outdoors in their natural environment.

2)  If on location or at your home you will need to scout out a some possible spots on the property that will make for a suitable background.  You may need to mow the grass, park the car elsewhere, or pick objects from your yard to prepare the site. Safety is key for your pet and photographer.  

3)  Bath, clip, and groom your pet prior to the session.  Do this the day before rather than the of, as this can cause too much stress in one day.  Keep them clean if it is muddy outside.

4)  Make sure that they are feed and not overly stressed the day of the session.  A happy dog is much easier to photograph.  This goes for the handler as well.  If you are stressed out the pet may sense this and cause an unsuccessful shoot.

5)  The handler will need to be present to help position the pet and keep them calm as they do not know the photographer.

6)  You may bring any special toy or squeaker if you feel it may be helpful.

7)  Last minute touch up with show sheen, gels, or polish can be performed just before shoot.

8)  Lastly you and your pet should have fun during your photo shoot!