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December 12, 2015

A near disaster, a near serious injury of human and animal, a near perfect picture that will be one that my family talks about with fond memories for years to come.

The dreaded christmas photo, you know the one that mom will fret over from planning to execution.  New sweeter will be purchased and shoes will be coordinated.  Mothers far and near plan the opportunity while her family is in good christmas cheer and nicely dressed to capture that one picture. Once in her hot little hands, it will be sent out in an envelope accompanied by the christmas letter telling all too much of what has been going on throughout the year within her family.   


Untitled photo


I enjoy a christmas picture with my family as well, but not to the extent listed above.  So there had not been many opportunities in the past few years to take a family picture and I had been pushing the boys to help me get it done.  Of course this was all new to them when I told them, today was the day.  The day was not the best choice of days.  It was cold and windy, and the pasture was quite muddy from the rain the days before, but it was the only small window of opportunity that we had had when everyone was home.

45 Minutes!  That's all time there was before we had to be at the school for another event.  I wanted to take the picture in pasture at the split rail fence where I take many of other portraits.  I received grumbling from my husband that it was solution was wear your mud boots and change before the picture.  I also wanted the dogs in the photo, they are family too.  My son grumbles that they will have muddy solution carry them to the truck and we will drive down to the trees.  I also wanted the horses in picture too, they are family.  Once again I received grumbling that they didn't want to lead the horses walking through the muddy solution, put the halter in the truck then call the horses when we get there, they will come, and they did.  So we began to set up.  My son haltered the horses while my husband put garland on the fence and I set up light stands and my camera with tripod.  

The Christmas Picture 2015

Untitled photo

As my son haltered the horse he asked where do I put them.  I quickly answered tie them to the fence as I worked in the cold setting up camera gear.  We were almost ready, decorations on the fence, changing boots, taking off coats, making final camera adjustments.  My husbands asks now how are we going to do this, this is a bad idea having them all tied to this fence?  Just as I am answering that we'll have to hold the horses rather than keep them tied to the fence, Pistol my youngest horse decided to eat the garland and I flicked him on the nose......

That was the wrong thing to do as it set in action one horse spooks pulling back on the lead then they all spook pulling on the fence and the post splits into freeing the top rail that the four horses are tied too.  Away they go fence rail flying through the air.  My son ducks quickly before it takes his head off.  Horses all trying to go different directions.  The two end leads fall off shortly after freeing two, they stop where they are.  The other two run to top of hill where they finally come to a stop realizing they couldn't get rid of the fence rail. I stood frozen yelling whoa!!! knowing there wasn't much I could do.  

As the dust settled, ha.. ha.. it was muddy, we gather up the scattered christmas decoration and found some baling wire in the back of the truck to wire the fence back together.  I was determined to make the christmas picture happen.  Now then, the dogs have ran off and the cattle had come up to see what all the commotion was about and are threatening to knocking over my light stand.  The dogs finally return with treasures of course and we regroup and take the shot.  Our fingers were frozen and the curls were long gone from my hair, but we did it.  We made a christmas photo with all of our family members.  Was it the best photo ever, no, but could be the most memorable of all.

You see it is all about making memories.  At the time that "Christmas Picture" was really important to only one person, ME, but in time it will become invaluable to many of my family members.  I hope my son can tell a story to his children about his crazy mom wanting to take a christmas picture on a cold windy day and he survived.

Our muddy horses

Untitled photo

A picture to me like this one is priceless.  I believe it is important to share them and hang them on your wall; otherwise, they are just memories in your head that will fade with time.  

Do you have a funny christmas picture story to tell?  I would like to hear your experiences in getting that one "christmas photo".  Feel free to share your story in the comments below. 

Thanks and see you down the trail.

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